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House and Garden Multi Zen formulation

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Multi Zen

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Multi Zen (0.2-0-0.7) makes sure that your crops achieve their maximum potential every single harvest. The unique formulation of this product boosts the natural immune system of your plants and enhances the delivery and breakdown of various nutrients making them more helpful to your crops. It makes sure that plant nutrients are readily available in the root zone by breaking down these nutrients. This product is well known by farmers for its ability of pushing plants to their actual potential.

This fertilizer is the most concentrated crop growth enhancer that you can find in the market. House Garden’s Multi Zen has a superior formulation that helps in enhancing thicken stalks and flower sites. All additives and ingredients are manufactured with food grade or/and pharmaceutical ingredients in little batches to deliver a consistent experience and quality. 

It has its own laboratories and firm for manufacturing nutrients and hence they test each fertilizer batch they produce. Multi Zen is an exclusive formulation that promotes beneficial and healthy microorganisms that support the quality and quantity of the harvest. This solution helps in breaking down root material and nutrients that builds up in the plant’s growing media.

Main Ingredients

The nutritional composition of Multi Zen includes potassium hydroxide, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate.

Application and Direction of Use

Mix one ml of Multi Zen to one liter of your nutrient solution. Apply this mixture from the beginning of the third week to the end of the fifth week of the rearing cycle. You can still apply Multi Zen on your mother plants one time every two weeks to one month on the basis of the amount of excess plant materials and nutrients that are available in the medium. The application rate is approximately 3.8ml for each gallon.

Don’t apply Multi Zen together with water conditioners, chlorine based sterilizers and hydrogen peroxide as they can potentially damage the active ingredients that are available in the product. However, you are free to use this fertilizer in conjunction with an existing nutrient formula.

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