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Hygrozyme | Beneficial Enzyme

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Hygrozyme contains helpful enzymes to boost plants metabolism power. In the root area those enzymes produce essential ingredients for plants to feed.  Also good microbes connect with supplied nutrients to boost the harvesting.

It also balances the pH levels and temperature of grow medium.


  1. Rids dead roots.

  2. Helps to grow more roots to collect more minerals.

  3. Applicable during all growth phases and for any grow medium.

  4. Compatible with other nutrition products.

  5. Feeds good microbes.

  6. Prepared with quality.

  7. Helps to ensure potent harvesting.

  8. Improves plants metabolism for better growth.

Direction of Use (5 gal size reservoir):

  1. 1.1 ounce Hygrozyme for cuttings or seedlings.

  2. 1.4 ounce during blooming, flowering or vegetative phase.

  3. Do not use Hygrozyme before yielding.

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SKU HG3388
Manufacturer Hygrozyme