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No Pest Strips - Ortho - Good Guys Gardening

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No Pest Strips

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Choose a hands-free method of pest control for your home, garage and indoor growing areas. Use to eliminate and repel those annoying flying insects.  Package contains multiple insecticidal strips that target flies, mosquitoes and other bothersome flying bugs.

Simply attach one of the enclosed pest strip hooks to a no-pest strip and place in a location that allows the strip to dangle freely in the air.  As the insecticidal agent is released into the environment the chemical compounds attack the nervous systems of those unwanted bugs. Flies, mites and mosquitoes will be killed and the insecticidal vapor wards off future invasions of flying insects that present problems in enclosed living/gardening spaces.

*Each pesticide strip contains the chemical “dichlorvos” which is highly effective against common flying insects.

No Pest insecticide strips by Ortho lets you kill flies and mosquitoes without using bug sprays.


  • No messy sprays or powders

  • Hands-free solution to problem of unwanted mosquitoes, spider mites and flies

  • Insecticidal formula is essentially odor-free

  • Use in most indoor spaces to eliminate presence of annoying flying insects

  • Designed to interrupt the internal nervous system of targeted insect species

  • No residue


  • Creates a comfortable environment by getting rid of pesky flying bugs

  • Kills and repels mosquitoes and flies

  • Prevents future invasions of flying creatures indoors

  • Works to clear indoor areas as large as 30-35 cubic meters in size

  • Protects are from flying bugs as long as 3-4 months at a time

  • Easily replaced

  • Cost effective

  • Simple to use

  • Can use multiple strips in larger indoor reas


  • My place the strips in any are that provides adequate movement of air

  • Does not instantly destroy insects-requires exposure time for maximum effect

  • Loop the no-pest strip onto one of the enclosed hooks and then hang the strip where bugs are a problem

  • Keep strips away from open doors and windows where their effects can be diluted by excess ventilation and drafts

  • Replace as necessary (usually after 12 weeks of continuous use)

  • Do not use in areas that are continually occupied or enclosed spaces smaller than 25-30 cubic feet in size

  • Proper air movement must be present in any area where the strips are in use

  • Allow a 9 foot space between each strip if more than one is to be used in a single area

  • Do not use in areas that will expose the vapor to people with chronic illnesses or respiratory diseases

  • Do not use in areas where bees/beekeeping supplies are being housed

  • Open strips only when ready to use immediately

  • Store the product in a dark, cool area until ready to be used


  • Intended to remove flies and mosquitoes from enclosed environments. Designed as an alternative to harsh insecticidal chemical sprays and powders.

  • Use these insecticide strips when you have identified a fly or mosquito problem-16 wk. maximum use per strip.

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CA$ 21.00

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