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Oakton Multiparameter PT Testr 35

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Oakton Multiparameter Tester 35

Measure pH levels, EC (electrical conductivity) values, ambient temperatures and record the value for TDS (Total dissolved solids) with a single hand-held instrument. The Oakton Multiparameter PT Testr 35 offers you versatility and outstanding performance in gardens and greenhouses.  Floatable design prevents the unit from sinking or becoming submerged if dropped in water.

This pocket-sized testing meter provides an easy viewer screen to read results at any angle. Use the special “Hold” option to lock in results that need to be reviewed or recorded. Oakton is a leader in the manufacturing of scientific-based instruments and this battery powered meter is designed to consistently deliver correct readings at the touch of a button.

Keep tabs on the crucial levels that impact crop growth and plant development.

Using this multi-tasking test meter you can view results instantly, track growth trends and monitor your plants with ease. Work in the greenhouse, growing room or out in the field and know that this instrument is providing you with precise, reliable information regarding temperature, TDS and EC values.


  • Calibrates with push-button efficiency

  • Sturdy housing encases unit offers additional protection from impact and spilled liquids

  • Delivers a range of multi-parameter readings that impact plant growth

  • Temperature automatically compensates when conditions are fluctuating (0-50 degrees C )

  • LCD screen provides easy viewing ability

  • Dual line viewer display

  • Stainless steel conducting sensors

  • Simple battery operation


  • Weighs less than 4 ounces

  • Easy operation

  • Durable construction

  • Waterproof

  • Dustproof

  • Click-lock battery replacement (no tools required)


  • Package includes user instructions. Simple to operate and requires no technical knowledge.

  • Uses 4 batteries (1.5v)


  • Intended to track temperatures, conductivity levels and pH values

  • Check acidity/alkalinity of pools, irrigation liquids and other water sources

  • Designed for a variety of uses including:

  • Agricultural

  • Hydroponic

  • Industrial

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