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Opti Red HiLUX GRO HPS Lamp

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Opti Red HPS (HiLUX Gro) Lamp

It uses super output lamp technology to achieve maximum vegetative growth as well as maximum flower yield.

These lamps are made in an ISO 9001 certified facility and are optimized to provide reliable operation throughout the growth cycle. They are designed for high performance and also to ensure consistent quality. The lamps outperform standard bulbs.

The super high-pressure sodium lamps with red and blue spectrums are ideal for compact fixtures due to their tubular-low profile design. They offer the highest PAR values; approximately 2,100 micromoles due to their excellent lumen output. They are optimized for maximum flower yield, with an added touch of blue spectrum to promote vegetative growth.

Opti red HPS lamp performs better than ordinary lights. They use lesser energy than the standard bulbs which also makes them economical as they cut on power costs. They are available in 400 w,600 w, and 1000w super output HPS lamps with maximized output in the red and blue spectral range.

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SKU UH1274
Manufacturer Ushio