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Parabolic and Cone Reflectors

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Parabolic and Cone Reflectors

Integrate parabolic and cone reflectors into your indoor growing spaces.  These specialized reflective devices can help you efficiently distribute the available lighting so that you maximize plant growth. Either of these designs enables the user to focus the light beams over specific areas. The reflectors can even be raised, lowered and adjusted to create the amount of light coverage that your crops require for optimal development.

Parabolic light reflectors maintain light beams that are focused more intensely in the center of the reflective device. The intensity of the grow light lessens slightly along the outer edges of the perimeter. Conical reflective devices can distribute the available lighting in a more balanced manner throughout the entire area of illumination. Raising, angling or lowering the reflective hoods can be useful if the lighting pattern requires further customization.


  • Lightweight reflectors are easily adjusted

  • Brushed aluminum material is highly reflective

  • Vertical or horizontal mounting options

  • Requires assembly and adjustable socket purchase


  • Improves existing distribution of light in growing rooms/greenhouses

  • Allows user to customize how light is distributed indoors

  • Easy to install


  • Complete instructions included with purchase of reflector kit

  • Follow manufacturer instructions for proper installation and mounting of parabolic/conical reflectors

Uses: Improves the distribution/focus and overall efficiency of indoor lighting that is being used to promote plant growth and development

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