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ph perfect grow micro bloom

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pH Perfect Micro Grow Bloom

Ph Perfect Bloom

Never worry about your pH with this smart pH balancing product. Don't buy pH balancing meters or solutions. Scientifically proven to increase aroma, color and potency as well as greater size and higher yields.

  • 3 Part formula designed for high value crops

  • Uses formulas for best and most potent nutrients and ratios

  • Uses state of the art carrier molecules. Ensures maximum nutrients to your plants and saves time.

  • Proven by science to get better aroma, size color and potency from every plant

  • Highly advanced and easy to customize. Simple to mix and use.

Directions: Add 4mL per Liter from weeks 1 to 6 of flowering. Shake well for best results

Instruction Manual:

Ph Perfect Grow

Automatically achieve optimum pH levels without extra time. Never buy pH balancing solutions or monitoring equipment. Save money.

Get more potency, aroma, size, greater color and higher yield crops with our scientifically proven products.

  • Highly concentrates

  • Inexpensive

  • High quality

  • Simple mixing instructions

Directions: Add 4ml per Litre from week 1 to 6 of flowering. For best results shake will before using.

Instruction Manual:

pH Perfect Micro

Automatically pH balance your plants. Forget about pH up or down, monitoring devices and save serious money and save time too.

  • Highly concentrated

  • Inexpensive

  • Highest quality

  • Simply mix and use instructions

Directions: Add 4mL per Liter from weeks 1 to 6 of flowering phase. For  best results shake well before using

Instruction Manual:


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