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Plant Light Intensity Meter

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Plant Light Intensity Meter

Proper lighting is required for healthy, vigorous plants. Stop guessing about the amount of light that you are providing to your crops. Determine the exact lighting intensity that your plants are being exposed to throughout their growing cycles.

Check the levels of lighting in greenhouses, gardens and grow rooms with the Hydrofarm Plant Light Intensity Meter. The intensity of the light source is expressed in foot-candles. Once you have confirmed the lighting levels it is easy to determine whether or not the intensity should be adjusted. Just compare the lighting intensity data to recommended lighting levels and make any necessary changes.

Obtain quick and accurate readings that show you the light intensity for your growing plants. This meter can precisely determine lighting intensity of halide bulbs, fluorescent grow lights or natural sunlight. You will instant readings that let you know if the light source should be maintained, increased or decreased. Easy, hand-held, light meter operates without batteries.


  • Lightweight design

  • Sturdy construction

  • Quick, accurate confirmation of lighting intensity

  • Needs no batteries or additional power source

  • Pre-calibrated for user convenience

  • Universal sensing probe

  • Lifetime photocell

  • Full instructions are included


  • Cost-effective/ economical

  • Precision design

  • Accurate readings (up to 2% accuracy guaranteed)

  • Measures lighting in foot-candles (standardized measurements)

  • No conversion of data is required

  • Reads and records lighting intensity from any angle

  • Use in any environment/location


  • User Directions are included. No batteries or electrical power source is required.

  • Instantaneous light readings

  • Uses 1 integrated photocell (lifetime silicon construction)

  • Purchase includes book/charts outlining importance of lighting and guidelines to appropriate plant light requirements (400 different plant species)


  • Offers an accurate measurement of plant light intensity

  • Best for use with plants that are being grown in enclosed spaces (grow rooms, greenhouses, etc.)

  • Product can be used to measure intensity of natural lighting outdoors

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