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Safer Garden Sulphur

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Garden Sulphur Supplement

Sulfur is an important mineral that plants require to grow properly. First of all, sulfur is a soil conditioner. Among other things, it evens out the sodium content in soils. It is also terrific in lowering the pH in soils whose pH is too high.

Sulfur gets to the soil naturally when plant matter decays. Some fertilizers and farm inputs are also high in sulfur and therefore add onto the sulfur content of soil when used. Sulfur may also get into soil from the atmosphere.

Sulfur deficiency does, however, occur in plants. Plants that are not getting enough sulfur show yellowing of the leaves beginning with the younger leaves and gradually spreading to affect even the older leaves.

It can thus be used to add sulfur to plants that are deficient in sulfur. It additionally is an excellent remedy to some of the common problems that affect crops. Garden sulfur will control rust, powdery mildew, black spots, mites, and scab.

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