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Black/White Poly Sheeting (6 mil 10' x 100')

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Poly Sheeting For Greenhouse (6 mil 10' x 100')

It helps to reflect the light from the sun in all the corners of the garden, thus making sure that every plant receives the light it needs in order to develop properly. It is highly important in greenhouses, but it can also be used for insulation purposes and inside the house for the indoor garden.

The color according to the purpose of the sheet, for example the white color is used primarily for reflecting light in the corners of the garden where it is needed, which is why it is white. This product can be quite helpful because once applied, there is no need for other mirrors or fertilizers for some plants that don’t grow as fast as the ones that receive light continuously.


  • It is resistant to water, so no need to worry about it when the sprinkler is turned on.

  • The white material has a 90% reflectivity, meaning you no longer have to worry about the light not reaching in the dark corners of your indoor garden or greenhouse.

  • The black material is used for blocking the sunrays in case they are too strong and instead of nourishing the plants, they are hurting them.

  • Depending on the manufacturer, can be ordered or cut according to specific measurements, which means it fits easy in any type of garden.

  • Both the white and the black material weigh very little, meaning that even if they are placed on the walls, these are not affected by the weight of the polyethylene sheets.

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