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Botanicare Power Cloner 45 Plants

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Botanicare Power Cloner w/Dome

Power cloners by Botanicare will all you to make clones faster and easier for all your favorite plants. This Cloner Works great on herbs, flowers, fruits as well as shrubs and tree cuttings. You won’t believe your eyes when you witness the remarkable results. You can expect healthy strong roots to appear within five to ten days.

You can use Power Cloners to make big cuttings that are easier than the normal small cuttings. Save money and spend more time tending your favorite garden. Cuttings and rooting plants with Power cloners is done through the process of aeroponics.

It comes with micro jet sprayers and high output pumps that will provide your plants with water that is highly oxygenated. Your new cuttings with be supported with flexible and highly effective neoprene collars that are simple to use and allow your clones to stay in place while suspending them in your favorite nutrient solution

Now you no longer need growing medium to make clones. You can simply suspend your new cuttings in the neoprene pucks and get more of your plants surface exposed and available for rooting and new growth.

By increasing the amount of surface area for your root zones you will be able to benefit from an increase in absorption of dissolved oxygen, rooting hormones and also atmospheric oxygen.

Features include various sized units from 14 to 180 plant sites, reservoir sizes ranging from 10 to 50 gallons. A high pressure pump that is submersible and has a 2 year warranty is also included as well as a humidome, ceramic air stones, cloning solution, sprayers that are high pressure, and a recessed cord guide. Also included is power cloning solution, ZHO and Aquashield to ensure the best possible results.

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