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HydroLogic Pre-Evolution (High Capacity Pre-Filter)

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Pre-Evolution Pre-Filter for Evolution-RO 1000

This high-capacity pre-filter is perfect for both city and well water. It is indeed highly recommended for individuals who require more than 150 gallons of purified water every weekly. It has also been found to extend the filter life of the Evolution-RO 1000 from 2000 to 75000 gallons. This is easily achieved since this filter adds two extra filtration stages before the Evolution RO.

It combines an eco-friendly catalytic carbon filter with KDF85 and KDF55. This makes it extra effective in removing sulfur, heavy metals, chloramines, chlorine and iron from water. The sediment filter is pleated and cleanable which adds to its longevity. It comes with ½” quick connect fittings, a filter housing wrench, and a four ft.  Feed line that connects to the RO 1000.

Systems that have this filter in place need less maintenance, and their filters are replaced less frequently when compared to other systems that do not have a pre-filter installed.

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