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Atmosphere Pro Carbon FilterReversible/Non-Reversible

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Profilter Reversible Carbon Filter

The pro carbon filter has proven its efficiency in air filtering again and again. It the best of its kind as it utilizes 100% of the carbon available due to its innovative patented design which allows it to reverse the filter as well as extending the filter’s life span. Unlike other cylindrical type air filters which utilize only 65% of the carbon available by only filtering through the top section of the carbon filter thus causing the bottom part to remain unused.

The filter has a high capacity pre-filter that captures the larger particles of the contaminants which help prolong the lifespan of the unit.

It has a high porosity virgin granular activated carbon which effectively gets rid of the impurities in the air passing through the filter.

Pro carbon filter air filter has a convenient elastic band which promotes the ease of installing the pre-filter, as well as a rubber gasket which makes sure that it fits tightly and that no air leaks out.

It has a twist lock flange, hence easier the fixation of the flange kit because it requires no tools in the process. The end cap also has a twist lock end cap, and no tools are required.

This filter’s parts are of high impact polycarbonate resistant which can withstand force and effect, and are virtually unbreakable. They are neither affected by cold nor heat nor water making the unit last longer. They are also of high quality galvanized steel which helps minimize the users worry about damage by corrosion or rusting,

The pro carbon filter is the best at air purification since it has qualities that improve its functionality and extending its lifespan as well.

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