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Pure Blend Pro Bloom 2-3-5

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Pure Blend Pro Bloom

A top notch Bloom based nutrient

A fruit and flower blooming nutrients has only natural ingredients, proving you with all of the essentials, both major, secondary and with the required trace minerals and all derived from the sea and from land. 100% soluble and able to encourage your plants to grow tons of strong buds, delicious fruits and beautiful flowers. This nutrient provides improved nutrition for all of your blooming flowers and fruits. Pure Blend Pro Bloom is environmentally friendly and an a great alternate to typical chemical fertilizers.

Made for all of your soil and hydroponic applications, it is suitable for use with every media including coco coir. 100% organic and plant soluble to promote faster absorption.

You will see an increase in all of your budding, flowering and fruiting plants and the essential elements are never derived from any chemicals that are harmful as ammonia nitrate and urea are. By using this product you can help to eliminate consumer and plant exposure to heavy metals which are toxic to both people and plants and occur when using chemical fertilizers containing these contaminates.

It has organic components that will improve the use and uptake of plant nutrients and the increased metabolic rate and capacity will help to enable your plants to begin producing more fruits and vegetables that are high in vital vitamins and minerals

Directions for use: You should use this product with every watering and if you are using ro (reverse osmosis) water then you should add 1tsp or 5ml of Cal-Mag Plus to every gallon of water

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