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Pure Blend Pro Grow 3-2-4

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Pure Blend Pro Grow

Premier Vegetative base nutrient that derives it essential majors, secondary and trace minerals from natural sources taken from land and sea while building healthy green vegetation and all from one hundred percent soluble materials.

The product provides an increase in nutritional value to growing flowers, fruits and vegetables. Pure Bland Pro Grow is environmentally friendly and a great alternative to chemical fertilizers that are conventional.

It has been specially designed for use in all soil and hydroponic applications and is even suitable for use with coco coir and other substrates.

Achieve fast absorption with this 100% plant soluble organic that has all the essential elements. Never derive from harmful chemicals including ammonia nitrate and urea. Now you can eliminate consumer and plant exposure to the toxicity of heavy metals which are very common contaminates in typical chemical fertilizers.

The organic compounds found in Pure Blend Pro will help to increase the utilization and uptake of your plants nutrients and the increased metabolic rate that is achieved with help enable plants to develop fruits and vegetables that are high in both vitamins and minerals.

Pure Blend Pro Grow Directions: This product should be used wit hall watering and if you are using Reverse osmosis (RO) water, then it is recommended that you add 1tsp or 5ml of cal-mag plus with every gallon of water

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