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Pure Blend Pro Soil 1-4-5

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Pure Blend Pro Soil 1-4-5

An organic based nutrient to help you bloom naturally. Created for gardeners who grow in coco coir and soil. This unique formula providesall the essential and trace minerals from natural sources from land and sea and is 100% water soluble. Pure Blend Pro Soil will help to encourage the growth of strong buds fruit and flowers.

when you grow plants in soil you will require a higher degree of phosphorous which helps to offset the clay colloidal particles that will normally bind phosphorous and also offset soil microbes that compete against each other for the proper amounts of phosphorous. With this product you won't have this problem because you will have the required phosphorus that gives enough nutrition for your buds flowers and fruits to bloom

  • Made for soil and coco coir 

  • can be used with any and all growing medias and hydroponics

  • Achieve fast absorption with this 100% plant soluble organic compound

  • Achieve greater bud, flower and fruit size and capacity

  • Never again derive your essential elements from nasty and harmful chemicals such as ammonia nitrate and urea

  • Avoid plant and consumer exposure to toxic heavy metals through contaminates in regular chemical fertilizers

  • Pure Blend Pro enhances nutrient uptake and use of nutrients through organic components

  • increase metabolic rate and capacity, to help your plants generate more vitamins and minerals in your fruits and vegetables

Directions for use: The product can be used with each and every watering. For those using reverse osmosis, you should add 1tsp or 5ml of Cal mag plus per gallon of water

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