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General Hydroponics Rain Forest 318

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RainForest Aeroponic System

Rainforest is an incontestable hydroponic equipment that is second to none in performance rating. It is an excellent tool that will match your need for budding and propagation stemming or for early beginner seeds, nurseries or seedlings.

A grower module that is suitable for growing medium and large plants. It is the wise grower’s best bet.


  • It features a 17 gal reservoir plus a covering lid.

  • It has a vortex sprayer that atomizes, oxygenates, sprays and distributes misty nutrient mix from the reservoir tank, over the cutting edges and bases of root systems to enable availability of oxygen in the root region hereby providing an ideal beginning for plant life.

Other features include

  • 3- Way flora kit.

  • Plastic cups, lid inserts and other awesome hydro systems and gadgets.

Direction for use:

  • Fill up the GH rainforest with stem cuttings to make a reserved nursery.

  • Make a mixture of nutrients and water in your reservoir tank.

  • Replace the vortex sprayer in the system cover and plug in the motor.

Tips for use:

  • Clean the vortex sprayer attached to the equipment to enable easy passage of nutrients through the nuzzle of the spray kit.

  • Regular drain of reservoir – usually a week -2weeks range is advised for freshness of nutrients.

  • Adequate maintenance should be carried out on the equipment.

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General Hydroponics

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