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Rare Earth (Organic Minerals & Humates)

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Rare Earth (Organic Minerals and Humates)

CA$ 13.68

A Top quality dry organic blend of humates and minerals, this clay is derived from very old deposits in seabeds of organic matter and leonardite that has be3en biologically transformed to slowly release humates, silicon and other rare organic earth minerals.

It generates silicon in a protective shield allowing a crystal matrix to grow in plants. This shield helps to protect your plants from stress caused by excessive heat and nutrients. This product also works great as a natural deterrent, for fungi and fungal dise3ases while minimizing susceptibility to damage done by insects. Essentially rare earth will harden your plants.

Blend Rare earth with your rooting media, top dressing your plants or by mixing it with your nutrient solutions. Give your plants naturally soluble silicate while maintaining the stringent guideliness for the production of organic crops.

To use Rare Earth in hydroponic system, you simply add it into the filter bag which is included and place it in your water reservoir. Add 1 tsp for every gallon of nutrient solution or 1gram per liter. Renew this process every time that your nutrient solution is changed.

When using as an extract you should prepare a colloidal mineral extract as a foliar spray. This can be mixed with several other fertilizers, just add 8 grams for every liter of hot water. You should circulate this for at least 10 mins to ensure that it is properly mixed and allowed to stand long enough for the undissolved clay to settle at the bottom of your reservoir.

To mix with most growing media and hydroponics applications, mix it at a rate of 2oz per gallon or 15 grams per liter of media

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