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Reflectors (Accessories) - Good Guys Gardening

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Reflectors (Accessories)

Our reflectors are specially designed to optimize your grow light. By using these unique reflectors, you will be providing your plants with a light spectrum that is similar to that of the sun. This spectrum is what plants need to maintain normal photosynthesis. Therefore, our reflectors help you mimic outdoor conditions of light, temperature, and spectral aspects that your plants need.

We have reflectors to suit your needs depending on the plants you are cultivating, the stage of your cultivation (whether germination, vegetative phase, flowering, budding or harvesting). The reflectors will additionally help you effectively regulate your lighting depending on the photoperiod required by the plant.

What these reflectors offer is a means to achieve the perfect balance between light spectrum, color temperatures and the luminous efficacy desirable to your crop at different time periods. The material used in constructing our reflectors is of high quality thus delivering long-lasting durability.

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