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Gro-Blocks 4" (UW) Delta 6.5 G; 6/strip - Grodan - Good Guys Gardening

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Rockwool Grow Blocks (Seed and Cutting Starter)

Gro-Blocks 4" (UW) Delta 6.5 G; 6/strip

Any farmer can now achieve an optimum balance of plant nutrients, water, and oxygen by using grow blocks is particularly good for helping a farmer achieve fast plant growth. This is because these are not your everyday plant containers; they have been designed by expert horticulturalists to provide a growth medium that is environmentally suitable and friendly to your crops.

They are made using Rockwool substrate that not only makes them lightweight and easy to use but also sterile. A unique hydroponic fiber has been incorporated in the blocks thus offering easy control of crop production. The bases of our blocks are strategically grooved to avoid stagnation of water which may result in “wet feet”. The blocks, therefore, allow the crop to use water and nutrients efficiently.

Those quick grow mediums are particularly ideal for growing the large fruiting crops including plants such as cucumber and tomatoes. Hugo and Big Mama are giant Gro Blocks that are sold individually.

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