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Caterpillars Killers (BTK Insecticide 100 ml

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Caterpillar Killer (BTK Insecticide)

Using natural BTK insecticide is a simple and effective method of pest control in the garden.  Crops can easily be destroyed by voracious caterpillar species but you can keep your plants safe from harm when you apply this product directly to the foliage.  The insecticide is composed of a bacteria species that is normally found in soil. When placed on the leaves of plants those unwanted crawling creatures will consume the bacteria and immediately stop eating. Within a few days the insects are dead and your garden pest problem is controlled.

Bacillus thuringensis is a natural pest controlling agent that targets leafrollers, cabbage worms, certain moths and hornworm caterpillars.  The formula is species-selective and highly effective when used as directed. This is a safe insecticide that poses no problem to animals, plants or the environment.


  • Contains no dangerous chemicals

  • Use on fruit trees, vegetable plants, shrubs, evergreens, flowers and other ornamental plants

  • Concentrated formula –Create 30L of insecticide with a single 100 ml container

  • Total coverage area =300 sq meters

  • Use to eliminate gypsy moths

  • Can be sprayed from crop-dusting planes or hand-held sprayers

  • Targets young caterpillars during active feeding cycles


  • Economical, multi-use container

  • Naturally safe ingredients

  • Will not harm plants, animals, wildlife, people or the environment

  • Ideal for hydroponic, aquaponic and organic gardens

  • Easy to use

  • Begins to kill targeted insects as quickly as 2-5 days

  • Spray does not result in accumulation of residue

  • Active bacterium (that is not consumed by insects) is naturally destroyed  in just a few days


  • Dilute according to label directions

  • Spray directly onto foliage where specific species of caterpillars are a problem

  • 1st application should occur about 10 days after larvae has hatched

  • 2nd application should follow in approximately 2 weeks

  • Highly effective when used on:

  • Tent caterpillars

  • Gypsy moths

  • Tomato horn-worms

  • Cabbage worms

  • Always use PPE (long sleeves/long pants, gloves, goggles, face mask)  when spraying any insecticidal product

Uses: Intended as a natural insecticidal agent. Use in home or commercial gardens.

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