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3-In-1 Spray Garden Fungicide

Keep your garden healthy and thriving with regular applications of this triple threat insecticidal product. Safer's 3 in 1 Spray Insecticidal Soap is an organic product that will give you the edge in the battle against plant pests. One application of this powerful natural concentrate helps eliminate fungal diseases and kills harmful mites and insects (soft-bodied species).

Apply on all fruit, veggies, shrubs and garden plants. Use it to protect delicate roses.  Gentle enough for pampered houseplants and tropical plants. Kills common garden pests and provides a fungi-free environment for all plants. This concentrated insecticidal formula offers equal protection against plant fungi, destructive insects and annoying mites.

Stop plant pests and fungal diseases with an all-natural combination of plant oils and safe fatty acid compounds. You can use this 3 in 1 product throughout the growing cycle. The gentle ingredients are completely safe to use directly on leaves, shoots and stems. Use this fungicide/insecticide/mite-eliminating product to keep your garden growing green and healthy.  Apply to your money-producing crops right up until the first day before the plants are ready to be harvested.


  • Listed as OMRI compliant

  • Natural ingredients

  • Perfect for organic gardens/plants

  • Powers away fungal borne diseases, pesky mites and plant-destroying insects (soft-bodied species)


  • Safe for all gardens and plants

  • Use indoors or outdoors

  • Simple to use-just spray onto the affected plants

  • No questionable chemicals or pesticides

  • Extremely effective when used as directed

  • Residue-free formula


The spray is ready for use with no dilution required. Use where black spot, rust, thrips, whiteflies, powdery mildew or aphids are present in your garden. Ideal choice if plants are affected by leaf spot, beetles, mealy bugs, whiteflies and other soft-body insects.


  • Intended for use as an organic solution for specific garden/plant issues that include mite infestations, unwanted insect pests and fungal diseases

  • Only use as a treatment for identified garden problems-should not be used as a preventative agent

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