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Secret Jardin Dark Room Dryer 2.5

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Dark Room Dryer 2.5

Sunlight may reduce essential components in your plants and herbs during sun drying. This is why a dark environment is often preferred in certain situations when plants have to be dried. The darkness may also reduce such undesirable components as chlorophyll. Drying in the dark will thus improve the overall quality of your yields. To help you achieve this, we have the best dark dryer for you; the Dark Room Dryer 2.5.

This dark dryer offers a way to achieve optimal phytochemical preservation during drying. Since no heat is applied directly to the plants, heat-labile compounds within the plants are effectively preserved. By using this dryer, the changes in the chemical ingredients within the plants help you achieve the best flavors and color.

Having been made from breathable material, this dryer allows good air circulation. It is also quite spacious thereby giving you enough room for you spread your harvest. The materials are easy to assemble and are all washable.

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Secret Jardin

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