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Secret Jardin Orca Tent OR121

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Secret Jardin Orca Tent

Orcas rule the oceans and now you can be the ruler your own indoor kingdom with an Orca Tent from Secret Jardin. These grow tents help you protect even the most delicate seedlings. You will also be providing the exacting environmental conditions necessary for plants to thrive and flourish.

Streamlined design can easily be adapted for use in smaller grow rooms. These indoor coverings are affordable, durable and versatile. They also afford the privacy and discretion that discerning growers value.

Instead of relying upon the use of traditional Mylar fabric these new grow tents are utilizing OrcaFilm This is a high-tech material which diffuses light more effectively, eliminates troublesome “hot spots” and actively boosts the amount of reflective light that is being produced in your growing room.

Use these lightweight enclosures to create those ideal growing conditions throughout the year. Help your plants flourish. Maximize your harvest production.


  • Fabric provides unique insulation properties and creates optimal distribution of heat/light energy

  • Increases direct lighting by 20-30%!

  • Boost indirect lighting by as much as 30- 50%!

  • Reconfigure these enclosures as desired -to best suit the demands of a particular growing space

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

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Secret Jardin

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