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SemiSolid Block (Odours Neutralizer) - ONA - Good Guys Gardening

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Odor Removing Semisolid Block

The semi-solid block air freshener is fast acting. It will combat bad smells and odors within a short period, virtually within seconds depending on the concentration of the odor.

This air freshener is flexible in that it can be placed anywhere, on any surface regardless of the material of the surface. Whether on a wooden or iron surface, it will have the same air freshening effect.

It can neutralize odors effectively as it dispenses rapidly with an increase in the temperature or when the air flows on the surface it is placed on increases. It is, therefore, able to neutralize bad odors despite changes in their concentration despite changes in their level.

It is durable. It takes 15 to 30 days for it to get used up. Before then it effectively combats odors.

It thus serves as the best air freshening agent without any major setbacks.

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Manufacturer ONA


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