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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mg Grow 4-0-0

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Sensi Cal Mg Grow

Prepare for a perfectly successful harvest with  SensiCal Magnesium Grow. Each application offers a complete range of the macro, micro and chelated nutrients that your rapidly growing plants are craving.

Hydroponic grow rooms might not provide plants with adequate amounts of essential magnesium and calcium. These minerals are especially crucial when plants are entering the blooming phase. Don’t let your plants become calcium/magnesium deficient. Let SensiCal Mg/Grow provide the high levels of critical nutrients that are needed to produce spectacular buds and bountiful blossoms.

The enormous stress of blooming requires energy and a lot of specialized nutrients.  With regular applications of this plant supplement you can be sure that your crops always have a ready source of valuable calcium and magnesium. This proprietary blend of bloom-boosting agents helps unlock the hidden growth potential of each plant.

High intensity lighting, fertilizers and other growing techniques can produce fast-growing plants that quickly overwhelm the supportive ability of stems and stalks. This product powers up growth, development and structural strength. Adding this calcium supplement will prevent mineral deficiencies and promote healthier, more productive plants.

Product Features

  • Specialized blend of 3 forms of calcium- plus micro-nutrients, iron, and magnesium

  • Scientific formula offers the absorbable calcium that is most effective with hungry, growing plants

  • Designed to target rapid growth during the vegetative periods

  • Safe for use at any time during the plant growing cycle

  • Prevents mineral deficiencies (Ca/Mg)

  • Provides the essential nutrients that are often missing in regular plant supplements

  • Boosts carbon dioxide intake

  • Increases nutrient uptake

  • Growth promoting compounds power up the development of super buds and blooms

  • Produces those heavy yields that are caused by calcium deficiencies

  • *Advanced Nutrients even includes a money-back guarantee with every purchase.


  • Add to soil, coco mixes, hydroponic feeds, rockwool and other growing mediums

  • Apply product throughout the growing cycle

  • Use as foliar additive/spray if desired (can also spray rooted clones if you reduce the humidity level)

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Advanced Nutrients

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