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Secret Jardin Darkroom 2.5

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Dark Room 2.5

CA$ 224.04

Step up your grow room success with Secret Jardin products and accessories. The Secret Jardin Darkroom model 2.5 offers a sturdy, rigid tent that has been designed to promote indoor production of healthier, more robust plants.

The hammered Mylar lining has been selected specifically for its unique ability to reflect the amount of available light inside the tent. In addition to boosting interior lighting performance these grow tents offer exceptional light-proofing capabilities.

Don’t be fooled by the light-weight design. These grow-tents provide the sturdy strength and convenience that will help you achieve heavier yields when the plants are ready for harvest.

This all-in one enclosure is easy to assemble and provides reliable safety and security for your valuable crops. The streamlined structure requires minimal space yet it is able to provide the ideal growing environment for immature seedlings, fragile new rooting and even those plants that are achieving full maturity.


  • Interior lining is composed of 95 per cent reflective Mylar material

  • Durable nylon construction is utilized for the outer lining

  • Instantly boosts the level/effectiveness of interior lighting

  • Connecting tubes have a larger, sturdier diameter than earlier Darkroom tents

  • Ideal for hydroponic use

  • Designed for effective extraction/circulation and ventilation

  • Support rods/straps are included (can hold filters, lamps and other gardening accessories)

  • Available in 9 sizes, including wide-body units

  • Washable material is extremely easy to clean and maintain

  • Cable sock

  • Intraction sock

  • Extraction sock

  • Cool tube socks

  • Rated as level 3 light-proofing

  • Durable zipper provides additional light-proofing for interior of tent

  • Structure combines rigid strength and light-weight convenience

  • Bottom of tent equipped with waterproofed tray for easy clean-up

  • Non-leak design keeps those spills contained and makes clean-up easy to do

  • Additional models are designed to serve as either stand-alone plant propagators or 2-in-1 growing stations


  • Naturally maximizes the light that you are providing to your plants

  • Produced by a nationally recognized company (SecretJardin)

  • Stronger framework design allows the enclosure to safely absorb shock, bumps and movement without disruption of the plant growing process

  • Boosts harvest yield naturally

  • Allows growers to discreetly produce choice plants in the privacy of their home

  • Keeps your crops isolated, concealed and protected 24/7

  • Affordable, versatile performance in a simple to assemble package

  • Perfect choice for hydroponic gardens


This is Secret Jardin's newly revised edition of the popular DarkRoom growing tent. Although the original design received consistent praise from the public, the 2.5 model has been successfully upgraded so that it will deliver better performance in your grow-room setting.

  • Prevents light from escaping

  • Provides a controlled environment with regulated climate conditions and air circulation

User Directions 

  • Assembly directions are easy to understand. Just connect the rods and attach the covering. No special tools or skills are necessary.

  • Use these tents as propagators, grow stations, harvest centers or herb drying tents.

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