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Super Thrive Vitamin Solution

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Superthrive gives your garden a burst of growing power and helps those plants produce superior yields each season. Just a small amount of this natural, non-toxic liquid will spur faster, stronger development of the roots, stems and leaves. Regular applications of the formula results in highly successful gardens with healthier plants.

Enjoy new heights of success with your gardening efforts. Superthrive provides an abundance of essential plant nutrients designed to maximize each stage of growth and development. Patented formula increases harvest yield, minimizes “transplant shock” and spurs extensive development of root systems.

Provides essential nutrients to any soil or growing medium

This ultra-concentrated liquid is safe enough to use in any garden setting. Feed it to your houseplants, outdoor crops and apply it to the roots of those hydroponic plants. Ideal choice for use in every setting, from commercial greenhouses to the smallest kitchen gardens.


  • Invigorates and rejuvenates plants within a 24 hour-2week time period

  • Works with roots, foliage and seeds to stimulate optimal development

  • Effectiveness is not diminished even by the harshest weather/climate conditions

  • Non-toxic formula

  • Contains kelp plus other natural vitamins and minerals

  • Variety of product sizes-choose the one best suited for your gardening needs

  • Improves the fertility levels of even the poorest, nutrient-depleted soils


  • Can be combined and used with your choice of fertilizing agents

  • Boosts root development

  • Nurtures root systems and foliage

  • Delivers vital nutrients and vitamins that spur rapid plant development

  • Strengthens plants

  • If you accidentally apply too much concentrate just dilute the garden area with additional H2O

  • Increases cellular activity which results in faster growth and maturity of plants

  • Cost-effective plant supplement

  • Will not harm skin, eyes or respiratory tract

  • Safe to use in areas frequented by kids and pets

  • Can even be added to aquaponic environments where koi and other fish are present

  • Contains dangerous chemicals or toxic substances

  • Use with commercial sprayers or apply with garden hose spray attachment

  • Perfect for hydroponic gardens


  • Standard measurement- Mix 3 ounces of concentrate to each 100 gallons of H2O for lawns, large gardens and trees/2 drops for each 8 ounces of H2O/ ¼ of a teaspoon to one gallon of H2O

  • Keep product stored in its original dark colored container

  • Protect from light and heat by storing in a dark, cool area

  • Do not attempt to pre-mix for use at a later date

  • Use immediately once you have mixed the formula with water

Scope of use: Apply to lawns, shrubs, flowers and trees. Product has been designed to help gardeners achieve maximum plant growth and development with all of their garden crops.

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Vitamin Institute

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