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Supreme Extra Large Perlite

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Supreme Perlite

Give your plants the growing medium that delivers an outstanding environment. Supreme XL Perlite offers a full 4 cubic feet of natural material that promotes proper drainage and aeration during all the growing cycles.  Perlite is one of the most popular soil-free growing mediums and it is composed of completely natural materials.

The source of lightweight, porous perlite is volcanic rock. These rocks are broken down into tiny, compacted particles. These particles can then be expanded dramatically when exposed to liquids. This expansion of the porous perlite makes it possible to retain vital nutrients and water for the plants to use in the future. The porous properties of this growth medium also ensure maximum aeration, oxygenation and drainage of the most extensive root systems.

Super absorbent, porous and lightweight perlite granules are an ideal choice for maximizing the hydration and growth of garden plants.  This soil-less growing medium helps plants retain water and crucial nutrients. This specialized perlite formula will additionally promote oxygenation processes. The porous particles will even help provide plants with optimal root drainage and aeration throughout every stage of growth.


  • Improves the texture and permeability of traditional garden soils

  • Designed as a hydroponic growing medium

  • 4 cubic feet of Perlite in each bag

  • Lightweight granular form

  • Easy to use

  • Larger particles offer maximum water-absorbing capabilities


  • Locks in water molecules

  • Boosts amount of oxygen that reaches the roots

  • More effective drainage of feeding formulas

  • Maximizes use of water and irrigating solutions

  • Optimizes the drainage and aeration of plant roots

  • Promotes water retention in garden settings


  • Use as a soil-less growing medium or blend it with heavy garden soil for better aeration and drainage.

  • Follow product instructions


  • Designed for use in traditional or hydroponic garden environments

  • Can be used as a sterile growth medium or  use to amend and improve heavy, compact soil

  • Intended to maximize water/feeding of plants without adding unnecessary bulk and weight

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