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Sunblaster T5 Light Strip Hanger

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T5 Light Strip Hanger

CA$ 18.95

Enclosed grow-rooms and greenhouses have unique lighting needs.  Of course natural sunlight is what plants prefer, but this is not always a practical possibility. Weather, climate, changing seasons and other factors can eliminate daily sunshine as a standard option.

If direct sunlight is not available then an abundance of artificial sunlight will have to be provided. Most growers use lamps or overhead light ballasts to help them create an optimal environment for the plants that are being grown indoors. Arranging and staging the lights then proves to be a stumbling block. The solution to this problem is the practical Sunblaster T5 light strip hanger.  

The units are affordable lighting accessories that combine form and function in a single streamlined package. The lightweight design enables you to place an optimal amount of T5 grow-lights wherever you wish.

Even better is the fact that these strip hangers will never hamper the indoor circulation of heat, Co2 and oxygen. No worries that heat or cool air will be trapped underneath the lighting fixtures. The hangars are designed to promote normal patterns of air circulation.

With these hangers you can quickly take command of any horticultural lighting dilemma. Improve the delivery of UV light and create customized, affordable illumination for all your growing plants in minutes.

Installation, removal or changing position of the T5 units is simple and effortless.  Place the strip light hanger in the desired location using the mounting screws. You can then create the exact design and lighting configuration that matches your gardening environment.

If one light unit is not sufficient then you can link (2-7) multiple devices together.  Each hanger provides a total of 7 clip/lock power bays to accommodate additional lighting needs.  With these mountable accessories you now have a proven way to deliver the lighting necessary for maximal crop growth and production.

You don’t even need any special skills or tools to install these hanging light holders. The Sunblaster T5 light strip hangers are designed to be versatile. Use them to accommodate overhead/drop-down lighting or you can mount these devices on the walls to boost the amount of available side-lighting in your grow-space.

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CA$ 18.95

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