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The Centurion Pro 3.0

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The Centurion Pro 3.0

The Centurion Pro 3.0 is a high speed bud trimmer with more stability and precise cuttings. Its full body is made with aluminium and stainless steel. Also the maintenance and cleaning process are very simple.

Guaranteed as the highest capacity trimmer it can produce the work of 75 human trimmers. It can harvest 60-70 lbs dry (300-350 lbs wet) per hour of use. Its durable machine that can with stand moves, cleaning and extended use.

Equipped with 3 stainless steel cutting reels featuring 11 amazing and precise cutting blades per reel. The magnetic blade technology provides a consistently sharp blade as well as the cleanest cut. This trimmer has the cutting power of 4 of the Centurion Pro original machines and is the biggest in the industry.

The 6 Horsepower leaf collector produces 5000 CFM of suction power. A unique diverter specifically fine tunes air flow and cut. The dual dust collection system is manufactured for cleanliness.

The 3.0 trimmer comes standard with a high quality hopper made with hygienic plastic. Meeting the needs of commercial producers worldwide, it is intended to process large amounts of material.

Allowing you to monitor the final trim and add touch ups if required is an optional quality control extra wide conveyor.

Easily sets up in 40 minutes and tears down in even less time.


  • Non-stick coating that prevents trichomes from sticking

  • 140 thousand cuts per minute

  • 78 inch total cutting surface

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Optional extra wide belt conveyor system

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Centurion Pro

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