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Wingscapes Timelapse Plant Cam 8.0

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Wingscapes Timelapse Plant Cam 8.0

CA$ 149.95

Give wings to your nature projects, garden crops or favorite flowers. Record each and every change so that you never miss out on any of the action. Discover every detail involved in plant growth and development!

The Wingscapes Time-lapse Cam 8.0 helps you capture those ever-changing garden images. With this simple to operate video camera you can create breathtaking plant/garden videos throughout the year. Fast forward video option allows you to show the dynamic transformations that occur with plants as they transition from seedlings to full maturity.  See individual images of specific plants. Group photos together and watch young sprouts achieve their full growth in a matter of minutes. Track changes in your grow room and unlock Mother Nature’s botanical secrets through the magic of video-photography.

Use this high-resolution video camera to create a personal record of your gardening achievements. The instructions are shown on-screen so that anyone can set-up and operate this video equipment. The weatherproof design makes it possible to permanently capture the miracles of nature both outdoors and indoors. No more wondering about the different growth stages of plants and wildlife. Now you can watch fast-forward films that provide you with a bird’s-eye view of each minute of growth as it occurs.


  • Record single or multiple photographic images

  • Captures exquisite nature videos

  • Watch time-lapse video in the comfort of your home

  • View images at fast-forward speed

  • Superb time-lapse imagery

  • Simple set-up and operation

  • Variable lens focus (min. 6 feet)

  • Instructions can be viewed on-screen


  • Shows progress, changes and transformation of plants, gardens and wildlife

  • Intended to withstand harsh climate conditions

  • Rugged construction

  • Lockable camera case

  • Weatherproof design

  • 8.0 camera resolution

  • Uses 6 “C” batteries

  • Expected battery life of 6 months


  • Full instruction manual included with purchase

  • User instructions can also be viewed as on-screen prompts


  • Intended for use in any agricultural, garden or natural setting

  • Video camera can be adapted for use indoors or outdoors

  • Excellent choice for those who want to record day to day changes that occur in nature, outdoor gardens and greenhouses

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CA$ 149.95

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