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Rotor TrimPro bud trimming machine

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Trimpro Rotor

Trimpro has once again come out with a new design for their fantastic trimmers. The new Trimpro Roto was specially designed based on the input received from end users. Their feedback suggested that it was time to develop a new machine that was as efficient and gentle as their previous models but with leather fingers instead of rubber to help move the flowers over the grate made of non stick materials.

Your plants leaves are cut with razor sharp precision by blades made of tempered steel. This unit is also built on an angle to make emptying the machine a simple process that can be done while it is still running so that you don't have costly down time while you stop and start the trim process. All you need to do is swing the latch and the door will open allowing your newly cut flowers to gently leave the top cylinder.

Want a closer cut? Don't worry, because with this one you can adjust your blade height for you specific requirements.

All you need to do is remove the fresh flowers from the plants branches and place them in the top container of the trimmer, then sit back as the rotor does all the hard work, quickly and efficiently.

It always amazes me that I actually need to write these general warnings. I guess it's true when they say that the thing about common sense is that it is not that common.

So, for those whose parents didn't teach them common sense, here we go.

Don't put any body part on the grate or through the grate or close to the blades. If you read this article, you know they are razor sharp blades, so that means they're going to cut off anything soft that comes into contact with them. That includes fingers, and other body parts we can't mention here.

Don't use the grate as a table or desk. This means not putting things on it, other than flowers and plant material.

Use safety glasses so you can continue using your eyes to read these warnings. Failure to do this can lead to you enrolling in a course for the blind.

Do not put hard objects anywhere close to the operating machine. No scissors, knives or other hard objects that might potentially poke through the grate.

Gloves, use tight ones, not the type that will go through the grate and suck your hand into it.

Finally, let us point out that god gave you a brain to use. We recommend taping into it so you can keep your fingers intact and remain able to count and see them.

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