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Trimpro Rotor Med plus Workstation

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Trimpro Rotor Med Workstation Combo

The Trimpro Rotor Med was specifically designed to meet the high performance needs of discerning customers.
Its trimming method is designed to be highly precise, careful and efficient and it is perfect for those demanding high quality trimming.

This trimming machine is very easy to assemble and disassemble and also offers unique control characteristics and waste management. Specially designed to support and be used for medical industry purposes. It is CSA approved and is designed to meet efficiency with a lower level of complexity.
When easily disassembled, each Trimpro Rotor Med can go through a successful sterilization process and can be put back together very easily. The unit fingers are alcohol resistant as well as resistant to steam.

The blades are made of tempered stainless steel making them extremely durable and you can expect an excellent end result. As well, all connectors and attachments are also made of the same high quality stainless steel.
The machines exterior paint is finished with medical white standard paint, and the Plexiglas hood makes sure to give you a debris-free working operation. It also contains easily removable sealed trim bags.

Some general warnings include never placing your fingers or any body part in contact with blade. Never use scissors knives or any other instrument on the grate and please, never apply pressure on the grate. Safety gear is required at all times while using this trimming machine. Examples of safety gear include glasses and gloves. Gloves need to be tight fighting as a loose glove could be potentially dangerous.

Its weight is approximately 30lbs and when mounted this machine reaches 17 inches in diameter and 21 inches tall.

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