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Trimpro Rotor and Workstation

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Trimpro Rotor Workstation Combo

We were looking at trimmers the other day and came across this one. Looks like a solid machine with lots of backbone. This is a combo that was actually put together or designed after getting feedback from end users. This time they designed the product not only to be efficient and gentle on the product, but the introduced leather fingers to move the flowers across and over the non stick grate. Your favourite plants leaves will be trimmed by tempered steel blades that are razor sharp.

If you are like me and you like a clean working environment at all times, then the combo Trimpro rotor and workstation table is the perfect combination.

The unit is specially built at a precise angle to ensure that the rotor will empty easily by simply swinging the latch open. Then, watch as your perfectly trimmed flowers leave the top cyclinder and the whole time this is happen your machine will still be running so that you can continue your work without interruption or costly down time. Just as they have done with all their other machines, this one has a blade height adjustment that will meet every ones precise requirements.

When you want to begin working, simply remove fresh flowers from the main plant and branches and place them into the container located at the top of the trimmer. Then sit back and let TrimPro do its thing.

Getting a little tired of writing out all these general warnings and doubt you will read it anyhow, but here goes.
Most people were born with ten fingers. If you never place your fingers or gloves or other body parts near the grate or blades, then you won't have to worry about losing any of them while working harvesting your garden.

Use gloves, thats a good idea isn't it? Use tight ones, so they don't get sucked into the machine and next thing you know you're on the way to the emergency ward. I would love to hear you explain what happened to the nurse.

Finally, use your brain don't try to stick knives, metal objects, instruments, tools etc on or through the grate or near the blades.
Follow these general safety warning and chances are you will and your machine will be a winning combination for many years to come.

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