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Trimpro Unplugged Bud Trimmer

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Trimpro Unplugged

Trimpro Unplugged is the quietest machine designed by Trimpro yet. It is specially made to be able to go anywhere for its light weight and dimensions and is unique and perfect for any small space project.

It is suitable for any small to medium size project, if you live in an apartment, or if you are running a green house or any other situation that needs a noise free environment then this is something that you will not find with the bigger electric model machines.

The trimming process with this machine is designed to be gentle and the soft touch of the leather fingers will encourage the leaves to separate from the flowers and to fall down below to the stainless steel blades whose speed is controlled by your own hands.

When you purchase this machine, you get Ideal ergonomics for a great value. This machine is ideal because of its light weight and reversible trimming action.

It is for sure one of the best power free trimming machines in the market today. The leather fingers were treated with natural oils in order to reduce adhesiveness and maintain their long lasting life.

The stainless steel blades are designed with the best quality possible and the blade is completely adjustable as with all the TrimPro designs.

Some general warnings for the use of this trimming machine:

Never place your fingers near the blades or rotor.
Applying pressure on rotor is not recommendable.
Do not use any kind of object above the grate.
Safety Glasses and tight Gloves are mandatory while using this unit.

The manufacture does not accept any responsibility for the irresponsible use of this units or damage caused by improper use or assembly of this machine.

Some technical information on this machine:

Weight 9lbs , aluminum frame and stainless steel 1/4 in grate.

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