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Twister T2 Bud Trimmer

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Twister Trimmer T2

For the fastest, precision leaf trimming trust the Twister trimmer T2 to deliver those results you demand. Closer cuts allow you to maximize garden potential without endangering the integrity of healthy plants.


  • A combination of geometrically aligned cutting blades (utilizing 11 Stay Sharp/continually self-sharpening/cutting blades)

  • Systematic cutting motions (capable of performing nearly 20,000 accurately measured leaf cuts per minute)

  • Extreme vacuum power ensures minimal plant damage while consistently increasing the overall yield from your garden

  • Create standardized leaf size when harvesting smaller crops or vast acreage.

  • Maintenance is kept to a minimum level. The unit can be stripped for servicing in 15 seconds (or less).

  • The paint-free finish means that there will never be any worrisome paint flakes/particles interfering with those meticulously harvested leaves and flowers.

  • Tandem units can be linked to double trimming speeds in larger growing environments.

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