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Zyme Green Planet Nutrient

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Zyme capsules make use of an extensive blend of specially designed enzymes that break down carbohydrates that keep the root zone very strong and pathogen free. This product is proven to be the most effective enzyme formula in the market. It is a critical component for any client who has an interest of reusing his or her growing medium.


  • Breaks down and redistributes all organic components such as diseased and dead roots

  • It makes use of its unique enzyme profile to assist the roots by up taking and assimilating the necessary minerals and vitamins among other bio stimulants

  • Enhances yields from reused medium

  • Promotes an active and healthy root zone

  • Infinite shelf life as the dry capsule format never degrades

  • Extremely concentrated

  • Used throughout the entire life of the plants

Direction of use

Dry the formulation for potency and maximum performance. You don’t have to waste money on water once you dry the formulation. Add one capsule for every 10 gallons of water. The genatile capsules dissolve into the reservoir harmlessly and hence activating the zyme formulation and you don’t have to mix or stir.

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Green Planet

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